Social Media Tools to Use to Track Your Progress

It’s easy to use social media for advertising. However, it doesn’t guarantee success. Just because people are using social media doesn’t mean you will convince them to patronize your brand right away. It takes time to change people’s minds, and it doesn’t matter which platform you use. Hence, it makes sense to use social media tools to track the progress of your efforts. If you work with a social media agency, it’s even better. You will have access to these tools. 


Unbox Social 

This tool will help you track not only your efforts but the progress of your competitors too. It’s not enough to know where you are. You must know where you stand relative to where the competition is. It’s the best way to stay ahead of the game. Unbox Social offers real-time insights to all your social media accounts. It also provides detailed information about the people visiting your page, including demographics, reach, impressions, and engagement rates. You can decide how to move forward based on the numbers. Detroit marketing agencies, for example, use this tool, and you can partner with them if you wish to do better. 



This social listening tool helps you monitor your data and follow your competitors too. It helps check your brand mentions across platforms. From Yelp to Amazon, it’s easy to track your progress. When you have this tool set up, you will know what people are saying about your brand. It’s also available in over 40 languages. The best part is you can respond to these mentions right away. Imagine if someone wrote a false review about your company. You can’t let this narrative win the day. With Mention, you can prevent false information from spreading. You can also check the mentions made about other companies so that you can track your status relative to them. 



This tool is probably one of the most popular options on the list. It can help monitor content relevant to your brand. From keywords to hashtags, everything is easy to track. You can also see the updates within a single dashboard. If you wish to grow your business, you must respond to mentions quickly. For instance, if there are complaints about your products and services, Hootsuite will notify you. You can also communicate with your team about brand mentions and other reputation management issues. 



This tool is excellent if you prioritize Twitter as your social media platform. It allows you to determine how far your tweets reached. Then, you can change your future tweets depending on how the previous one performed. Perhaps, you can add something interesting to your tweets to attract more attention. You can also improve your strategies to promote the tweet. 



This tool is perfect for Instagram and Pinterest. These social media platforms emphasize visuals. Monitoring them requires a specialized tool, and Tailwind is what you need. You can manage your feeds and get detailed reports using this tool. You can also monitor the content posted by your competitors. If you’re unfamiliar, you can always consider the free trial version and see where it goes. 


Zoho Social

Another tool to help you with getting insights related to content and engagement is Zoho Social. It’s also one of the most popular choices on the list. You may also use Zoho mail if you want to communicate with your team without leaving the platform. It makes the process more efficient. You may also analyze different demographic groups and other specific breakdowns based on how people perceive your brand. Given its support for several social media platforms, Zoho Social is a perfect choice.



With these tools, managing your social media becomes easier. You can check where you are in the competition and determine what else you can do to improve. However, these tools can only do so much. You still have to do the rest if you want to dominate the competition and stay relevant. 

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