Get Your Daily Dose of the Vivo Y33S With this Amazing Device


Vivo has successfully refreshed its latest Y-series with the all new Vivo Y 33s just in India. The mobile comes much less than a month after the Chinese technology company launched Vivo Y20 in the market. The company is now flaunting the advanced smartphone camera features through its 50-megapixel main camera. The dual-core processor is also seen in all the latest and leading handsets from Vivo. vivo y33s

This advanced handset from the makers of Vivo also comes with an UltraHD & luminous pixel camera and a laser autofocus system that also support portrait mode. The Vivo Y33s comes with a large 3.5-inch touch screen and uses the Windows OS. Apart from these, the handset also comes with quadrant-glass body, powerful stereo speaker and a cool, metallic finish that completes its allure and attraction. To know more about this exciting mobile, check out the attached photo gallery.

The Vivo Y33s also features a powerful octa-core smartphone processor that also boasts of the company’s Xenon flash memory. Along with it, there is a large quantity of data storage that comes in a secure location in the phone. There is no bloatware or unwanted software installed in this smartphone unlike other mobiles that come with several pre-installed apps. However, to get the maximum usage out of this device, you need to buy the Vivo Y33s with a valid credit card.

The Vivo Y33s smartphone has been launched by the two leading players – the Indian firm Inox and the Samsung Electronics India. The Vivo smartphone is the perfect gadget for those who love to shop online. Since it has such a large amount of storage space, you can store all your favourite stores on its memory and use the app to browse through them.

The body of the Vivo Y33s is constructed from lightweight but tough materials that are durable enough to withstand even heavy weights. With a large and colourful screen that can be seen from a distance, this handset does not require much attention. The battery of the device can last up to twenty hours without needing to be recharged. As the internal storage is more than ample, you will never run out of space for data and hence never lag behind others in terms of processing speed.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and hence when you buy vivo y33s, you get a lot of memory to store all your pictures, videos, and memories that you want to cherish forever. The resolution of the gadget is also quite impressive and helps you to enjoy clear pictures even in lower light conditions. The connectivity options with the handset are quite vast and include wireless internet, MMS, EDGE, GPRS, USB, Wi-Fi etc. No wonder then why the makers of the Vivo smartphone have been able to sell so many units in just a short time – people from all over India cannot get enough of these handsets and they are always at the edge of getting one for their use!

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