5 Actionable SEO Techniques in 2022

Search engine optimization (SEO) trends change all the time. The techniques used in the past might not be effective anymore. It also happens due to Google’s algorithms. Since they constantly change, the websites on top won’t stay the same. The point is you must shake things up. You can’t always use the same strategies. Look for other search engine marketing solutions to reach your goals. For 2022, here are some techniques worth considering. 

  • Voice searches should be a priority

The SEO game is gradually changing because of voice searches. More people use voice assistants in looking for information online. They would rather say what they want instead of typing it. The problem is there are more words necessary to look things up using a voice assistant. It pays to focus on voice searches if you want to be on top. It will be more accessible in the future. While there aren’t too many companies focusing on this strategy, you can take the lead. When they start heading in that direction, it’s too late. You already dominated the game. Work with Fort Worth SEO agencies if you want to know more about voice searches and how to do well. 

  • Video marketing is necessary

Videos are also useful in online marketing these days. While you can still find people reading long articles, most are busy. They would rather watch short videos and feel entertained. These videos also capture the essence of the brand. The best part is you have an excellent chance of becoming viral through videos. Make sure they’re creative and straightforward. Avoid long videos that don’t engage anyone. Instead, focus on short videos that people can easily share. 

  • Increase engagement 

Engagement is key to online marketing success. It doesn’t matter which strategy you decide to use. It’s not enough that you put the information out there. You must also engage with your target audience. Make everyone feel closer to your brand. On your social media account, it’s easy to respond to comments and reviews. Make the most of it. You want people to continue interacting with you. Give them a reason to share the posts with their friends. With more people seeing your online ads, you can skyrocket to success. 

  • Focus on featured snippets

Hitting the featured snippets can be challenging. Reaching the first pages of Google alone is already a tall order. However, you should still strive to get these snippets. They’re like a short response to questions most people ask. Imagine if your website appears on the featured snippet. People will think that you offer reliable products and services. Use different strategies to get the box. Answer questions concisely. Use bullet points and be straightforward. Find a way to gradually move to the first page of Google until you’re close to the snippet box. 

  • Make the website more accessible 

Since more people are using the Internet these days, it pays to make your website more accessible. You want everyone to feel welcome when browsing the pages. Even people with disabilities now have the tools to use the website. If you don’t have features to make the pages more accessible, they will leave. Besides, you do not only impress people with disabilities. You do the same to their family members. They will feel how much you care about people who always get left out. 


Consider these trends as you move forward. If you want to win the game, you can’t stay the same. Besides, your competitors are also heading in this direction. You don’t want them to take the lead because you’re too lazy to follow the trends. Being trendy isn’t always a good thing, but with online marketing and SEO, it is. 

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